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Pupil Progress Days

We hold 3 'Pupil Progress Days' each year to enable students, tutors and their parents to discuss progress across a range of indicators: academic progress, attendance, behaviour, classwork and homework.

These will take place in 2016 - 2017 on:  24 November 2016, 24 March 2017 and 11 July 2017.

Pupil Progress Day 3:   11 July 2017 (PPD3)

Pupil Progress days are an integral aspect of our reporting system. This is the only opportunity you'll have to discuss how well your children have performed in their final exams and how much progress they've made over the year. These are the outcomes the students will carry forward.The discussions with the tutor will help you and the students understand how to improve their learning and skills.

Please sign in at reception. Parking is available on site.


What are Pupil Progress Days?

It is clear that we need to ensure that all students know their current strengths and also their areas for development across all their subjects and also within the wider life of the school.  Our three “Pupil Progress” days will deliver this through providing the opportunity for each student to meet with their tutor individually for a focussed and personalised pupil progress conversation over the course of the year.

On each Pupil Progress Day, timetabled lessons will not take place and your son/daughter will make an appointment with their tutor.  However, there will be a range of activities which students may be directed or invited to participated in.  For more information, see the leaflet for each day.

As a parent, you are encouraged to attend this appointment and all students are expected to attend the appointment and take part in the other relevant activities that take place throughout the day.

By the end of this day, students, parents and staff will be in possession of a far greater understanding of where their son or daughter currently is, where they need to get to and, crucially, how they are going to get there.


Pupil Progress Day Preparation:

During the two weeks before every Pupil Progress Day, your son/daughter will be doing some preparation work ready for their conversation with their tutor.

Tutor times:  In tutor times they will be looking at what SMART targets are and understanding how to set them.  They will be reflecting on their attitude and experiences in school, evaluating what’s going well, what isn’t going so well and what might need to happen to make things better.  They will be using a reflection form (click on the links below for an example) which will be stuck into their planner.

KS3/4 Reflection Sheet

KS5 Reflection Sheet

Lesson times:  Having received their latest report card, students will be looking at the level/grade they have achieved so far and setting SMART targets for where to go next in each of their subjects.  This will be recorded in their journal.

As a parent you could support this process by talking to your son/daughter about this process ahead of the meeting with their tutor.