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Matravers School is proud to have established our own Leos Club through the Westbury Lions.


Westbury Leo’s Club

The expanding Westbury Leo’s Club continues to support the wider community in conjunction with The Westbury Lions.  Events the Leo’s have supported in 2016 include:

Westbury Music and Arts Festival- Westbury Leo’s scrap store event on 2 October 2016


Westbury Lions club 10K run on 9 October 2016

Litter pick for the Queen in Westbury Market Place on 5 November 2016

Westbury Lions Fashion show at Paragon Hall on 30 October 2016

Westbury Lions book store every Saturday Morning

The Royal British Legion remembrance service in Westbury High Street 13 November 2016

Westbury Litter Pick on Saturday 4 March

Westbury Leo’s also had the pleasure of being front of house at the Westbury Lions Concert on 9th March. Many also performed as part of the concert itself too.


Paired Reading

As part of the World Book Day celebrations at Matravers, Mrs Gray took some of the Westbury Leos to our primary feeder schools to take part in a paired reading activity.

Matravers students read with the students from Westbury Leigh and Westbury Juniors, which was beneficial for both our learners and the primary learners too.

Paired reading can help reluctant or struggling readers because they feel more comfortable reading with a peer. It also helped our students develop vital skills in communication.

On Wednesday Maddy Strout, Phoebe Strout, Reuben Strout, Megan Cox, Daisy Fullegar, Grace Hime, Alysia Bridwell and Chelsea Foy visited Westbury Infants. They arrived just after 2pm and read with a variety of students for 30 minutes. On Thursday Kirsten Wheeler and Anna –Rose Darmon did the same at Westbury Leigh.

Both days were enjoyed by all students taking part with many of them relishing the opportunity to visit their old schools. Chelsea said that: “it was a great opportunity for me and the children to interact with people of different ages, while Daisy commented that: “this trip and any to come will be of great use to our thriving local community.

To recognise their contributions to the Westbury Community and the fantastic support they offer, the Westbury Leo’s club received a Westbury Young Volunteers award at the Westbury Young Peoples award evening on 10th March.

Westbury Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 15th April. As part of this, the Leo’s also ran an Easter Egg raffle in school.


Senior Citizen Afternoon Tea- Sunday 30th April at Paragon Hall

The Lions Centennial Walk to mark 100 years of the Lions Club. The Westbury Leo’s joined the Westbury Lions in their stretch of the Centennial walk from Westbury to Warminster on Sunday 14th May.


 Westbury Donkey Derby on 11th June at the White Horse Country Park. The Leo’s ran activities and stalls including a cake stall, face painting and coconut shy.


Leo’s Celebration Breakfast

To reward the fantastic work that the Westbury Leo’s do within the local Westbury community, they were invited to a celebration breakfast on Thursday 13th July and received good service awards for continued support with community events this academic year.


Well done to each and every Westbury Leo.