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Reading for pleasure is something we promote at Matravers because it has a positive impact on every area of a child’s education.

The week beginning February 29th will be the start of M-Read at Matravers and, as you can see from this flyer, we have lots of events taking place.

These range from fab competitions to meeting local authors. There is a lot to get involved with and it’s really easy to do.

Meeting Fleur Hitchcock is a free ticketed event. If you would like a ticket your son or daughter can collect one from school, or they can be picked up from main reception.

If you would like to attend Afternoon Read, let me know by e-mail or via your son or daughter. Any parent who attends will get their name in a prize draw to win a kindle fire.

There are also plenty of competitions and whole school activities that the students can take part in, so if you would like any further information please contact me by email, twitter, or telephone.

Let’s get reading and change our childrens’ lives.

Phone: 01373 855244

Twitter: @MatraversLRC