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Careers Information, Advice and Educational Guidance (CIAEG)


Every child should leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. All children should receive a rich provision of classroom and extra-curricular activities that develop a range of character attributes, which underpin success in education and employment. They also need to be well informed when making subject and career decisions.

High quality careers guidance is crucial in helping pupils emerge from school as well rounded individuals ready for the world of work. At Matravers we achieve this through our diverse CIAEG strategy which offers bespoke careers guidance and support to all students. These include:

  • Mock interview days with employers and HE/FE institutes.
  • 1:1 careers guidance
  • Interview skills and CV writing workshops
  • Careers fairs
  • Careers talks
  • College and University visits
  • Inspiration and motivational talks from a range of guest speakers
  • Financial awareness workshops
  • High quality work experience
  • Employer mentoring
  • Tutor programme

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What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

In 2013, Sir John Holman researched what pragmatic actions could improve career guidance and subsequently he developed the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks. “Every young person needs high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future.

He established a set of eight benchmarks that schools can use as a framework for improving their careers provision.

We at Matravers School are working towards meeting all eight Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020, the table below is a self-evaluation taken by Compass (Careers Benchmark Tool).

A score of 75% or more for Benchmarks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 means the benchmark has been met.


Careers information:

  • National Careers Service: The National Careers Service offers information and professional advice about education, training and work to adults and young people aged 13 years and over. Pupils and their parents can access support via the website
  • Careerpilot: This website offers guidance regarding your choices at 14, 16 and 18 as well as information relating to different qualifications and job sectors. There is also a handy career tool to help you decide on future careers choice. 


Post-18 option choices:




For the Which? Parent guide to higher education choices please Click Here.





What is labour market information?  LMI for short

  • The number of people in certain job sectors.
  • What jobs and skills employers are looking for.
  • Which industries are in growth and recruiting and where to find them.
  • Declining job sectors and general employment trends.

When thinking about your career pathway it is useful to consider what is happening in the labour market.


Why do you need to know about LMI?

The more successful you are in education and the more qualifications you gain, the more jobs you can apply for. 

In the current climate, job markets are very competitive. Most employers and apprenticeship providers want someone who has achieved at least 5 good GCSE grades including English and Maths.  It is advisable to check whether you also need science, this is increasingly becoming advantageous.