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Equalities Objectives

Equality Objective

September 2019 – August 2023

Pupil mental health and wellbeing

Academic attainment is important, but pupils also need to move on from this stage of their education feeling happy and self-confident.  Matravers School is committed to providing a nurturing environment to help develop the resilience of our pupils to cope with the ups and downs and stresses of everyday life.  Matravers School has decided that one of our Equality Objectives will address pupil mental health and wellbeing as part of our commitment to preventing mental health difficulties that may start in childhood but have a greater impact in adult life. 




To support pupil mental health and wellbeing through:


  • Providing a Thrive Hub Engagement Centre


  • Reducing absence and persistent absence of students to at least national average


  • Providing a clear SMSC programme that addresses key aspects of the objective




  • Embed within the Operational Plan (Route Map) to address this
  • Effectively utilise internal resources as required
  • Draw on external services as required
  • Embed happiness within Core Attributes
  • Cover relevant strands within SMSC programme


  • Continue Thrive provision
  • Rigorously address attendance gaps
  • Review SMSC programme provision



To read our Equality Objective Statement please CLICK HERE