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Curriculum Principles

Matravers School delivers a broad and balanced curriculum designed to meet our core vision:

Our extensive range of curriculum opportunity ensures that every student is well equipped to progress successfully in life.


Across All Key Stages

We believe in our core values. Our curriculum embeds and nurtures the values of Creativity; Resilience; Ambition; Dynamism; Success and Happiness.

We believe in individual students. Our forensic knowledge of our students enables us to tailor our curriculum to each student.

We believe in the importance of reading. Our students are given opportunities to read regularly so they can articulate and understand the world they live in. They learn to debate, compromise and appreciate the difference between what is right and wrong.

We believe in developing an understanding of our place in the world. Our students are global citizens and they need to be able to show an understanding of global and local issues and be empathetic towards other people and other cultures.

We believe the school day does not finish at 3pm. We believe in educating the whole student. Our students have access to an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that will further develop our students’ skills, knowledge and personal qualities.


Key Stage 3

We believe in building on students’ learning and experiences from KS2. Our transition process allows us to understand what skills and knowledge our new students have.

We believe in a three year Key Stage 3. Our curriculum provides students with a diverse offer of subjects that not only builds on their KS2 knowledge, but also enables them to experience a more diverse range of subjects.

We believe in a curriculum that enables students to follow an academic pathway. This prepares students for the challenges and demands of GCSEs / A Levels and the increased focus on terminal exams.

We believe in the benefits of an Arts-rich curriculum for all students. Research tells us that students who regularly experience art, dance, drama and music become better learners, but more importantly better people.

Key Stage 4

We believe in maximising outcomes. Our student-centred curriculum ensures that students develop a deep and rich understanding of the subjects they study, as well as providing them with the qualifications that will be their currency in the future.

We believe in a curriculum that enables individuals to succeed. Our curriculum pathway approach enables us to closely match the curriculum to the abilities and needs of students.

We believe in high quality qualifications. Research tells us that these qualifications make our students more employable when they leave education. Our belief in high quality qualifications may mean that some courses that students study in Key Stage 4 will be more demanding than what they may experience in other schools.

We believe in preparing students for Post 16 education. We prepare students for the rigour of Post 16 education by ensuring that our Key Stage 4 curriculum is appropriately demanding, providing our students with a deep understanding of the subjects they study.

Key Stage 5

We believe in providing opportunities for all. Our inclusive and flexible curriculum model provides students with a wide range of academic and vocational subject choices.

We believe in setting students up for success. We work hard to ensure that a student’s curriculum choice is well matched to his / her ability. Our curriculum pathways model in the Sixth Form enables students to study either solely academic or vocational options or to choose a combination of these.

We believe in getting the basics right. We support students in achieving GCSEs in English and Maths to at least Grade 4 if they have not done so by the end of Key Stage 4 through the provision of high quality curriculum time.

We believe in inspiring independence and intellectual curiosity. Our highly successful and well-established Extended Project curriculum provides students with the opportunity to independently explore a subject of interest in order to attain specialist knowledge and expertise in addition to the development of advanced independent learning skills.

We believe in developing the whole student. Our extensive enrichment curriculum includes both timetabled lessons designed to develop a broad range of skills and facilitate self-reflection as well extra-curricular opportunities which enable students to access a wide range of opportunities and make meaningful contributions to the whole school community.

We believe in effectively guiding students towards their next step. Our high quality advice and guidance ensures that students pursue a meaningful and well informed next step – either to university, an apprenticeship or into employment.

We believe in preparing students for working life. Our specialised tutor programme is designed to ensure that students are able to reflect on and develop their personal and employability skills. Students also complete valuable work experience and are expected to undertake school service to further support in the development of these skills.