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Governor Declaration of Interest

Matravers Governors - October 2015 
Name Most recently appointed by: Date joined Term ends / date left Business interests declared Personal relationships declared

Role on other GBs, if applicable

Current governors            
Miss Caroline Chesters Staff ballot 12/06/2013 Feb-18 None None None
Mr Guy Davies GB 01/01/2012 Feb-18 None None Associate, Westbury Infants
Mr Nick Glass GB 19/05/2015 May-19 None None None
Ms Lorraine Goodwin GB 14/07/2015 Jul-19 None None None
Mr Toby Hime elected unopposed 10/10/2015 Oct-19 None None None
Ms Linda Humphries GB 01/07/2013 Feb-18 None None None
Mr Chris Millard GB 1/9/06 (or earlier) Feb-18 None None None
Mr James Paveley GB 01/12/2014 Nov-18 None None None
Mr Mike Perry GB 01/01/2013 Dec-16 None None None
Mr Brian Ralph elected unopposed 01/11/2014 Oct-18 None None None
Mr Tom Reynolds GB 14/07/2015 Jul-19 None None None
Dr Simon Riding GB 01/09/2013   Trustee - Learning Futures (West Wilts) Ltd. (as are all WW Alliance HTs) None None
Mrs Jackie Smith elected unopposed 01/02/2014 Jan-18 None None None
Mr Martin Strand elected unopposed 10/10/2015 Oct-19 tbc tbc tbc
Mrs Michelle Strout GB 30/09/2008 Feb-18 None None Associate, Westbury Infants
Mr John Weaire GB 11/02/2014 Feb-18 Westbury Wheelers cycling club - some pupils are members None None
Mr Jerry Wickham GB 14/07/2015 Jul-19 Wilts Council Unitary Councillor for local area None None
previous governors (last 12 months)            
Jenny Clements GB n/k 12/06/2015 Employee of Colborne Trophies (supply school with trophies/awards etc). None Chair of Westbury Infants, Chair of Manor School, Melksham
Russell Hawker GB 01/06/2010 31/05/2014 None None Governor, Westbury Juniors
Linda O'Grady GB 09/12/2008 06/07/2015 None None None
Chrissy Ottaway GB 11/02/2014 26/06/2015 None Sister works for company which supplied the school's counselling services None
Jill Pullen GB 09/10/2007 29/09/2014 None None None
Joanne Russell GB 01/06/2013 31/07/2015 None None None
Rebecca Sanders GB 01/06/2013 05/09/2014 None None None
Sally Thorne Staff ballot 18/10/2006 17/10/2014 None Husband is director of Minnow, a school IT company None
David Wild GB 01/06/2013 01/09/2015 None None None