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Our Board of Governors plays a central role in our school community.

All Governor appointments are for 4 year terms.

All appointments are made by the Board of Governors unless staff or parent Governors elected by staff or parents.

Pen Portraits for Governors :   - These are being updated and will follow shortly.

A full list of Matravers Governors, updated March 2020, can be viewed HERE


Our Board of Governors undertook a full External Review of Governance following an Ofsted Inspection in October 2018. The specially trained National Leader of Governance concluded in February 2019:


"The Governing Body presented as active, sophisticated and engaged. Its grasp of statutory activities was very good, and it was evident that there was expertise and commitment. There was both documentary and anecdotal evidence that the Governing Body was operating in a determined and comprehensive way; in the reviewer’s experience considerably more effectively than many other schools. Indeed, it proved to be difficult to identify any significant areas of under-performance and, by comparison to other Reviews conducted, it was a matter of some bafflement as to how the GB was criticised in such a way."

                                        (National Leader of Governance)