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Supplier Terms of Trade

Our standard terms and conditions are show below:

Services Terms & Conditions

Goods Terms & Conditions 

In addition to the terms above, for suppliers of services we expect:

  • You to be in a stable financial position with a suitable credit score and credit limit for the work undertaken particularly for projects where a guarantee is being provided or there is any payment in advance for an ongoing service;
  • Invoices should be fully compliant with Government guidelines and costs broken down between locations, labour and materials;
  • You to work to a standard appropriate to a first class learning environment;
  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice via BACS. Invoices to be issued on completion of the service or delivery of goods.

We do not accept supplier clauses which renew a contract or agreement without a new purchase order being issued.  Supplier clauses which require the school to provide notice to terminate a contract or agreement are not accepted and do not apply.

Please note the school uses purchase orders to approve and track orders. These can only be issued by the Finance department. The School reserves to right to refuse any invoice submitted for payment which does not contain a valid purchase order number.