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Following our advice about student working and handing in completed assignments over the first two weeks of  closure, we will be updating our way of working as we move into our next phase, following the notional Easter break. This  begins on Monday April 20th. Year 10 and 12 will be sent timetables to follow live teaching events, mostly broadcast over our Microsoft Teams platform, although teachers will also continue to use email/Class Charts. 
Separate instructions about how to access Teams have been shared in year team bulletins. Timetables will follow. It will then be down to individual teachers as to what is required to be completed and handed in electronically. As teachers have not used this technology in such a widespread manner before please be patient as we iron out any issues as they arise. Key Stage 3 will continue to follow the work set by teachers on Class Charts and teachers will advise students what needs to be sent in, again electronically. It is hoped as we get more familiar with Teams that live teaching episodes and support will become available to Key Stage 3 students.


We operate a very simple online system that enables students and parents to easily check the homework that has been set and deadline dates for it.

By clicking on the link below this will take you to a separate calendar where homework is recorded. You will be able to see the details of the homework and also the deadlines for completion.

You do not need to log-in. You simply need to single click on the relevant Class and the homework will pop up.

Please click on the image below to see our Homework Calendar





Need some help?



To support your child with completing their homework, each year group has a homework club which runs after school.