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Our Aims

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Matravers School to be a world-class centre for teaching and learning at the heart of the Westbury Community, the secondary school of choice for young people in the area aged 11-18.

Achieving this involves ensuring that every Matravers student exceeds their expected potential in all aspects of their education. We will enable our students to gain the highest possible qualifications and equip them with skills and values that they need to achieve their ambitions on leaving school, in terms of vocational training, academic study and employment.

We will provide the outstanding teaching, learning and leadership needed to fulfil this goal.

Our students will demonstrate outstanding attitudes towards learning supported through a wide-range of opportunities to represent their school with pride.

Our extensive range of curriculum opportunity ensures that every student is well-equipped to progress successfully in life.

Our outreach and support of others ensures that we are working at the cutting-edge of education as a system leader.


Our Values

Our values are embedded in all that we do at Matravers School. We believe they reflect our approach to ensuring that our students receive the most fulfilling and rewarding education possible.

Resilience We equip our students with high quality core skills and the aptitudes to use them in order that they become independent enquirers, team workers, effective participants, self-managers, reflective learners and creative thinkers. Our inspiring teaching and learning empowers our students to meet any challenge with confidence and succeed in life.

Creativity We embed confidence and self-belief within our students by inspiring a passion for learning which extends to every member of the community. Students strive for excellence; teachers, support staff and the wider community continually enhance a flexible repertoire of skills in order to enable students to exceed expectations.

Ambition We enable our students to realise that anything is possible. There are no ceilings or limits to our aspirations. We embrace an atmosphere of success across the whole school, which is publicly recognised and celebrated.

Happiness We recognise that every student is an individual. We care greatly for each pupil, providing them with the support and guidance they need to be fulfilled and happy.

Success We empower our students to raise their aspirations towards excellence. We ensure this happens by setting challenging targets and rigorously monitoring progress towards them. Through our home/school partnership we engage parents in the learning success of their children.

Dynamism We ensure that our students grow and develop into rounded, grounded and reflective individuals with a strong sense of moral purpose. By doing so we prepare our students for life in modern Britain and encourage them to contribute positively to the world in which we live.