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Pupil Progress Days

Pupil Progress Days occur three times each academic year, this year they will take place on 29 November 2017, 28 March 2018 and 16 July 2018.

What are Pupil Progress Days?

Pupil Progress Days are an integral aspect of our reporting system and follow each of our exam weeks which are used to assess students’ progress in all subjects they study.

During Pupil Progress Days, we have a collapse timetable during the morning to enable students and tutors to discuss progress across a range of indicators: academic progress, attendance, behaviour, classwork and homework.

The purpose of these progress discussions is to ensure that all students know their current strengths and also their areas for development across all of their subjects and also within the wider school life. Every student will reflect on their attitude and experiences in school, evaluating what’s going well, what isn’t going so well and what needs to change to enable things to improve. Each student will then use this reflection and their report card to set some SMART targets to allow them to make further progress. These targets are reviewed each subsequent Pupil Progress Day.

Reflection sheets in each student’s planner are used to record details of their reflections and the targets they have been set (click on the links below for an example).

KS3 Reflection sheet

KS4 Reflection sheet

Do parents need to attend Pupil Progress Day appointments?

All parent will receive a copy of their child’s report cards in the post prior to Pupil Progress Day. This will enable you as parents to facilitate discussions with your child regarding their academic progress, attendance, behaviour, classwork and homework.

Where progress across one or more of these indicators is of concern, parents will be invited to join the tutor progress discussions, and in some circumstances will meet with progress leaders.

As a parent, you are encouraged to attend the progress appointment if you are invited, as this will help you and your child understand how to improve their learning and will allow you as parents to discuss strategies with tutors which will enable us to remove the barriers to learning for your child.

All parents attending Pupil Progress Day appointments will be required to sign in at main reception prior to your appointment.

If you do not receive an invitation to a progress appointment on Pupil Progress Day but would like to discuss your child’s progress in a specific subject, we will continue to have subject parents evenings where you can discuss this directly with subject teachers or alternatively you can contact the school to request to book an appointment with the subject teacher.