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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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Microsoft Teams

Dear Parents/Carers
Following our advice about student working and handing in completed assignments over the first two weeks of  closure, we will be updating our way of working as we move into our next phase, following the notional Easter break. This  begins on Monday April 20th. Year 10 and 12 will be sent timetables to follow live teaching events, mostly broadcast over our Microsoft Teams platform, although teachers will also continue to use email/Class Charts. 
Separate instructions about how to access Teams have been shared in year team bulletins. Timetables will follow. It will then be down to individual teachers as to what is required to be completed and handed in electronically. As teachers have not used this technology in such a widespread manner before please be patient as we iron out any issues as they arise. Key Stage 3 will continue to follow the work set by teachers on Class Charts and teachers will advise students what needs to be sent in, again electronically. It is hoped as we get more familiar with Teams that live teaching episodes and support will become available to Key Stage 3 students.

School Due Diligence Planning for wider re-opening

This is a dynamic strategy that changes and is regularly updated.

For Due Diligence as of 12 June 2020 Please click here


Communications with Parents

Letter to parents 13-03-2020

Letter to parents key workers 20-03-2020

Letter to parents 20-03-2020

Letter regarding Free School Meals 20-03-2020


Message 19/03/2020 at 09.45 hours

Dear Parent/Carer
Following the announcement yesterday evening regarding the closure of schools to all but certain specified groups as identified by the Govenrment, we are currently working on plans to facilitate this going forward.
We will contact you again as soon as we have further clarity on this.
We are speaking to all year groups in school this morning.
Working through this is our current priority.
We thank you for your patience, understanding and support during these complex and unsettling times.

Yours sincerely

Message 19/03/2020 at 15.00 hours
Dear Parent/Carer
Following my earlier communication this morning I am writing to update you with our current position. 
We have spent the day working on our plans to continue providing limited education during the period of school closure. As yet, we have not received any further official information defining "Key Workers". However, if you are classfied within a key worker category then we will continue to be open from Monday.
If you are are the parent of a child with an EHCP then we will also continue to be open from Monday for your child. We will be in contact with you separately to discuss these arrangements.
We are intending to update you as soon as we know more information. This will involve gathering further information from you as required.
We thank you for your continued support on this matter during this very difficult time.
Yours sincerely

Fraud Alert

We have been alerted by the Department for Education that some parents have received an email stating:

“As schools will be closing, if you're entitled to free school meals, please send your bank details and we'll make sure you're supported.‚Äč”

This is a scam email - do not respond, and delete immediately.

Useful Documents

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Cancelled/Postponed Events

Year 5 Stretch & Challenge 19/03/2020
Lions Concert 19/03/2020
Fairfield Farm Concert 19/03/2020
Year 9 STEM Day 24/03/2020
Clergy Assemblies 16/03/2020
Modulo Orchestra Events 24/03/2020
DofE Bronze Expedition 27/03/2020
Origins Dance 22/03/2020
Oxbridge Trip 25/03/2020
Bournemouth Symphony Trip 27/03/2020
Geology Trip 21/03/2020
Geology Lulworth Cove 16/03/2020
Geography Year 12 Trip 18/03/2020
World Farming Talks 31/03/2020
Genetics External Speaker 02/04/2020
Ski Trip Austria  
Switzerland CCF Expedition  
All other trips and visits until further notice