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From beautiful Saris to the chaotic traffic, it’s truly a delight for the senses. Allowing Matravers students to participate in the learning of such an amazing culture will encourage them to become more knowledgeable, creative and understanding of another culture’s customs.

Our Indian link was fully established in February 2010 when all partner schools attended a weekend seminar hosted by The British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project. We were extremely lucky to have been picked as they received many applications for the project.

After meeting our link schools and their respective members of staff we started on the hard task of deciding which projects our students should work on, in order to make the link successful. We decided on projects entitled ‘My School’ and ‘Our Place in the World’ which would allow all the students to experience the difference in cultures. These projects were completed by various students in the school and posted to our Indian partner schools.

Matravers School received a visit from the Indian Head Teachers and they commented on how creative and delightful our students were.

Since this initial work, we have worked hard to raise the profile of the Indian link within the school.

Matravers hosted an ‘India Week’ where all Key Stage 3 pupils will learn about the Indian culture in their subject lessons. We are also lucky enough to have three extremely knowledgeable Indian Nationals spend time at the school, running workshops on culture, Indian dance, fashion and Henna painting.

Year 8 students spend an afternoon learning about Indian culture and taking part in a variety of activities.

Year 9 Able, Gifted and Talented students take part in a ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project day. They work on the project ‘Festivals’ which will be distributed between the Indian schools. In return, we will receive our Indian partner school’s projects on ‘Festivals’.

As a school, we look forward to continuing this link and learning a great deal from our new friends.